A Little about Me

When I started teaching ballroom professionally, it wasn’t at a name-brand studio (though I’d be part of one of those later in my career). Instead, it began in 1999 when a family friend suggested that my love of theatre and outgoing personality might make me a good instructor—as long as there was someone willing to teach me the steps. I’m still grateful to the family-run Gotta Dance Studios who took a chance on me and let me learn by doing; at the start, I was just as nervous as my students. And even once I was Bronze-level certified, competing in regional competitions and teaching at Fred Astaire Studios, I never forgot that intimidating feeling of walking into a studio, not knowing a single step. That’s why I created Dance at Home.

For all the dancing my wife and I have done on cruise ships and in ballrooms, in front of live bands on a summer night or DJs at a winter wedding, our favorite place to dance is still at home. It’s always a little messy—someone steps on the cat’s tail as he darts through our legs or our preschool-aged daughter presses herself between us, insisting on becoming part of the salsa or swing steps we’re doing.

Dance weaves itself into nearly every aspect of my life, whether I’m teaching physical character development during an improv theatre class or swiftly slipping under the boom on a sailboat. Even cooking becomes a carefully orchestrated dance in our little townhouse kitchen! Dancing is simply another way for me to move, and Dance at Home simply gives me the opportunity to bring that experience to you.

Jeff dancing with his wife